Casa Testeina (La Geria, S.XVI) | diálogos | podcast | núm. 8

Casa Testeina (La Geria, 16th century) | dialogues | podcast | no. 8

We visited Casa Testeina with Julián Galindo Rojas. A project of Bodegas Vega de Yuco. An emblematic house from the 16th century in the center of La Geria.
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Dialogues no. 8 Testeina House

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Hello, I am Julián Julián Galindo Rojas and I am dedicated to interior design. The idea of ​​the house was always that it had a commercial use. Establish the sales area of ​​the winery in this house and be able to have spaces for different activities. There are stories from a 16th century writer, Viera y Clavijo, who was called Los amoríos del marqués Herrera.

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He talks about the Destina house and tells stories about Doña Bernardina, who was the owner of the house at this time. The house is acquired by the winery from the current owner. Five years ago. They have done an absolutely wonderful job of rehabilitation and conservation. Two and a half years ago, almost three, I started working with them and we are already making those wonderful spaces take center stage.

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Example in the entire part of the ceilings that have been illuminated to give that beauty and to be able to create like that shell that is wonderful, with extremely rich materials. And now the ceiling gains prominence, which was a very interesting role. The walls too. All the lighting was placed under museum quality lighting, which allows you to enjoy the textures, the walls and the stones that are interspersed in the walls.

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And also see how wonderful the roof work is. You can even see the veins, because the restoration has been spectacular, a lot of material from the ceiling has been used. Practically all the virgueria is the original from the 16th century. There are many pieces that have had to be restored, even when restoring and conserving all the walls that support the roof. 00:01:58:19 - 00:02:27:09 Julián It also had to be done with much more care because we did not want the house to become a 21st century house. We wanted the essence to be maintained, but The material can last you 300 more years. He understood perfectly that it is impossible for a 16th century house to have completely smooth walls and absolutely right angles.

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It is a very well structured house, architecturally very well done, but with many organic elements. The walls have delicious textures, the floors and the way the walls end and the floor begins. Does it not give you the feeling that you are entering a cold building, but rather a very warm and welcoming space? I think what makes this project different from others is the involvement of the property in the restoration and absolute conservation of the space and with the main intention that it would always be a space that was open to the public.

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The fence draws the silhouettes, but they have nothing that prevents you from continuing to enjoy the landscape and the colors. It simply frames us. The volcanic geomorphology upon accessing the house can continue to enjoy this. When you enter the wine cellar area and you enter the store area. Also see all. The colors from outside have been brought into this area and it gives you that feeling of being in a living space and a space that gives you different sensations without changing them.

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The shape, the lamps are rounded, they fall from the ceilings that can remind us a little of what we see right in front, which is the entire souk area with the vineyards. The furniture is also made of very thin rods so that a chair never gets in the way so you can enjoy the wall and all the furniture that has been made to support glasses, bottles, etc. It has been made in primary colors to continue in this harmony of the basic, not of the prime, of the beginning of everything. I find the pass to visit very interesting.

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