A classic in interior decoration: BKF chairs

A classic in interior decoration: BKF chairs

Butterfly chair: the throne of interior design 

Few chairs like the Butterfly, also called BKF, can beautify a place by themselves, without the need for matching furniture or accessories to complement it. It is the ideal piece for interior design, it is enough by itself to fill a room with charm.

A seat inspired by the anatomy of the butterfly, with a synthetic or leather cover that has a main structure of steel or iron, which results in a sophisticated and minimalist design at the complete fingertips of your hands.

This chair was designed so that, when you take a seat, it subtly gives way to give a pleasant sensation of mobility, as if we were in a hammock, in order to provide constant dynamism. It is really comfortable.

An exclusive and avant-garde chair

The versatility of the BKF chair makes it so special. As a legendary design within history, its ability to include in any decoration adding the properties of its essence: well-being, modernity and freedom within the space.

The original cover corresponded to leather, despite the fact that today it is made with all kinds of materials, in search of exclusivity and avant-garde. The majestic combinations that you can find in our Macassar collection catalog are an admirable delight for the eyes and art lovers.

Its initials are the initials of its creators and architects, a Catalan known as Bonet and two Argentines called Kurchan and Ferrari, who created it in 1938, the time of stylized designs in Buenos Aires, working together in Le Corbusier's studio in Paris. to unquestionably achieve high-end work.

Where can I find these chairs?

You can find them in our showroom in Arrecife, located in Lanzarote, and obtain the authentic and most distinguished BKF chairs made in the traditional way, with different and unique handcrafted designs since 1998.

We offer a wide number of designs and models, which accompany the artisan collection only in the seasons from February to August, by the hand of a team of talented professionals in the area.

Incredibly, this Argentine design product became so well known and popular that it became an icon for chill out, minimalist, vintage and lounge decoration, with a timeless stamp.

What is the trend for this 2022?

The biggest trend in decorating with BKF chairs at home is to continue to be present indoors as well as outdoors, giving the space a unique look. With the presence of a rug, a table and an armchair, being able to highlight any corner.

A duo of BKF chairs together with a sunset is what is required to increase the beauty of the roof or terrace, creating a comfortable and sophisticated environment that provides a welcoming atmosphere to your visits.

Without a doubt, interior design is something so fascinating that we can always learn something new. At Macassar we invite you to continue marveling at our collection and its enriching history. You can contact us by WhatsApp or subscribe via email to our monthly articles on international art and culture.

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