A Look at Ghana's Wonderful Handcrafted Basketry

A Look at Ghana's Wonderful Handcrafted Basketry

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Art and originality of Ghanaian handmade basket

When Africa is the subject of conversation, we cannot avoid talking about its relationship with untamed nature, cultural diversity and ancient traditions. They are inherent characteristics of the continent that, with singular appeal, are present in multiple artistic manifestations of its peoples.

Among the member countries, Ghana has established itself as a fundamental axis of cultural manufacturing throughout the region. And it is that the handmade basketwork of Ghana is, without a doubt, worthy of recognition around the world, thanks to its special beauty and style. It is highly appreciated globally, and especially in Europe.

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Ghana's handcrafted basket weaving: a very ancient tradition

Called the Gold Coast in recent times, Ghana is a magical and wonderful land.

With a history of thousands of years, the artisan practices and customs of its inhabitants have come a long way in its artistic consolidation.

Where culture is key

Its people reflect, through their hands, the folklore of an exotic landscape and its human warmth through a range of objects of varied contours: baskets, vases, plates and others.

These instruments originally respond to basic needs, being very useful for daily life, facilitating endless activities. However, they do not renounce to be adorned with captivating designs that immortalize the cultural heritage of their people.

And it is precisely these characteristics of immense importance in the final essence of each article. That prints originality and makes each and every one of the baskets special, full of life thanks to the magic of the artisan.

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Nature and its balance is also part of the process

Ghana's artisanal basket weaving is made from fabrics that come from local plant fibers. Using primarily a resistant grass variety, known as Elephant Grass.

The knowledge acquired by artisans is an invaluable inheritance from their ancestors. Recognizing the value of the resources of the environment, they found an ideal raw material to be used for the benefit of communities, present and future.

Each piece is a fine work of art that accumulates hours, even weeks, of work and effort. With a finish that reaches the highest quality according to international standards, consisting of selecting, dehydrating and interlacing all the filaments to be used. In addition, we cannot forget to highlight the admirable quality of the process as being respectful with the environment.

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Bolgatanga as the main center of Ghana's artisanal basket weaving

In the interior of the country, this city is considered the capital of Ghana's artisanal basket weaving. That is why Bolga, as it is commonly known, is a clear reference to everything that basketwork with a designation of origin implies.

The famous Bolga baskets are easily recognized by their obvious quality. They are firm and resistant to the touch, without presenting wear of the filaments or uncomfortable seams. The pigmentation is uniform and long-lasting, with beautiful patterns and colors.

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A part of Africa reflected in wonderful pieces

Our basketwork is from Bolgatanga artisans and is suitable for both practical and decorative use. It fits in any corner of the home or office, in a wide variety of styles. Each piece is a unique creation that overflows with history and skill.

If you want to appreciate these majestic works of art more closely or acquire one of them, you can visit us between the months of February and August from 10 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon at our showroom in Arrecife, located in Lanzarote. You will live an unparalleled cultural experience and you will be able to appreciate different works by the best artisans.

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