Artificial flowers: a trend that does not die

Artificial flowers: a trend that does not die

Artificial flowers: the origin of this art

Throughout history, nature has been considered in its majesty as a work of art in itself, full of colors, sizes and textures. An unattainable art, although the technique has been perfected to imitate its designs.

Thus was born the idea of ​​reproducing and lasting in time through the wonderful art of making artificial flowers coined by our ancestors, and which has survived to this day in the Lanzarote region. Currently, Macassar puts these beautiful flowers at your fingertips, of incomparable realism.

The artificial flowers that you find in Macassar have their showiness in the freshness and emulation of a natural environment. In addition to being a product of quality, durability, easy care and free from allergens, its vibrant colors bring spaces to life and offer great decoration possibilities.

History of artificial flowers

Since ancient times, various materials were implemented for the creation of artificial flowers, achieving with them a greater and graceful enhancement of the environment. From linen and purple used by the Egyptians, to the porcelain and rice paper used by the Asians, to the gold used by the Romans.

Formerly, royalty used to decorate palaces with artificial flowers; that is why we can see the creation of their artisans in the form of special vases, decorated with natural pigment paints to create a totally avant-garde enhancement.

Artificial flowers were also used in the outfits and hats, managing to add additional prestige with their arrangements. All with a dose of exclusivity, aimed at the nobility, who sought to have the sophistication and immortality of artificial flowers.

At present, the majesty of these flowers can be observed in our showroom in Arrecife, located in Lanzarote. There you will find an incredible physical collection equipped with the most delicate and realistic samples, exquisitely elaborated with world-class technique by the hand of great master craftsmen.

Also our digital catalog of flora and fauna will give you the opportunity to enrich your vision with these artisan works that adorn and give vitality to any space, with the subtle essence of perennial nature, as is customary since the beginnings of this delicate art


Details that last

The art of making artificial flowers has been coined in Lanzarote, an artistic and rocky region with many years of history. Being the artisan manufacture of flowers so well esteemed that it has won the admiration of all for generations, since it is the best gift for any occasion and the best way to bring the exterior to the interior.

Precisely the small details that we get in artificial flowers in Lanzarote, specifically those of Macassar, give a clear and indisputable sample of the work of art that they are: endowed with realism and an enriching local history. With the full confidence of preserving our distinguished arrangements intact and always providing a welcoming and fresh atmosphere.

If you want one of these works of art decorating and giving life to any space in your home, you can visit us during the months of February to August, Monday to Friday from 10 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon. On the other hand, you can also contact us via WhatsApp.


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