Bogolan looms: Mali's transcendental heritage in your home

Bogolan looms: Mali's transcendental heritage in your home

One of the most significant and transcendent experiences that ancestral peoples have bequeathed us is their art. Without going any further, to have a weaving from the Bogolan looms is to have a manifestation of Mali culture, something that very few can boast of.

These fabrics are proof that the combination of ancient processes can bring a result as exquisite as it is impressive to your home. Its woven designs and textures are appreciated around the world by the most knowledgeable in the field.

Centuries of culture and tradition

Bogolan is one of the most exotic fabrics of African culture: its vibrant colors, textures and vivid patterns transmit its essence to every space in your home.

These fabrics are obtained through a long and complex process, which has been perfected by generations until today, where it has been captured in endless designs.

In particular, Bogolan looms are made with long strips of cotton grown by each family, which are woven and sewn until the desired size is obtained. At the end, bark of trees, shrubs and macerated leaves are boiled as a vegetable dye.

Once the desired result is obtained, it is dried under the sun. Then is when the river mud comes into play, as it is collected in advance and stored in clay pots for a year to ferment. A final exposure is applied and then a final wash is applied, thus ensuring effective adhesion.

Bogolan looms: from tradition to sophistication

We have been spectators and part of an incredible process in which a tradition has been revolutionized in the most sophisticated way, reaching the entire Western world. These versatile fabrics allow their use in the textile industry, both in clothing and footwear, as well as in home decoration.

The Bogolan changed the course of fashion in the 1980s, occupying an important position on the haute couture catwalks of the time. Today it is a sophisticated and exclusive decorative accessory, and it is that, with its black and white or color fabrics, its cushions and covers you can transform any environment.

Bring art into your home with Macassar

To appreciate art with all your senses, you can visit our exclusive showroom between February and August. Here you will be guided by our team of talents to enjoy these unique pieces of woven art, admiring each of the models, colors and patterns available.

At Macassar we have more than 20 years of experience bringing distinction to homes with its exclusive handmade furniture and accessories, bringing you unique pieces from exotic cultures.

Our exhibition, located at Calle Néstor de la Torre, 30, Lanzarote, is open to the public from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm. You can also contact us directly to clarify any questions or book a prior appointment through WhatsApp.

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